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Dental Care

Tartar and gingivitis are the most commonly encountered problems we see in pets, and like us, they need good oral health to have good overall health. We stress annual teeth cleanings coupled with daily brushing, to maintain your pet's good health. Since our pets can't tell us when they have a tooth ache, dental x-rays with every cleaning are critical to ensure that a cavity or hidden tooth-root problem does not go undetected.

X-Rays- Proper evaluation of the teeth can only be performed with the inclusion of x-rays. Just as when we visit the dentist, x-rays are used to evaluate the inside of the teeth, the roots, and the bone surrounding them. Painful conditions are often found with x-rays that aren't seen superficially, and therefore, are an essential component to proper cleaning of the teeth. Imagine having a tooth ache for days or weeks (or months to years) and not being able to communicate that to a dentist to have the problem fixed. Dogs and cats have to endure the pain caused by dental disease, and only when the problem is detected with x-rays and treated properly, is the pain relieved.

Safe Anesthesia- Unfortunately, our pets won't lay back in a chair with their mouth open to allow treatment of their teeth. As a result, safe anesthesia has to be used. As with every pet that we anesthetize, we make sure that the risks are nearly eliminated by performing the following checks:

  • Complete physical exam performed by the veterinarian
  • Blood analysis to check organ system function
  • IV catheter and fluids-to maintain blood pressure under anesthesia
  • Gas anesthesia with a tracheal tube
  • Warming blankets-to maintain normal temperature
  • Monitoring- ECG, oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide, blood pressure, and respiration are all monitored to detect changes in the body before they become an adverse anesthetic event

Proper use of anesthesia nearly eliminates the risks created by the adverse reactions to it. Without the checks above, the anesthetic event is left more to chance, which is what we avoid at Cedar Creek Pet Hospital.

Daily Dental Care- We will teach you how to brush your pet's teeth and maintain a healthy mouth after your pet's dental scaling and polishing to ensure continued optimal health (and good breath) for your pet.


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